Standard Fairmitre Casement Windows

The made to measure Fairmitre wooden casement window is individually manufactured to allow flexibility of design, size and style.

Fairmitre’s unique patented mitred joint system means that no end grain is exposed to the elements in the main frame and sash.

Beyond looking good, it ensures continuity of moulding and contours around the frames and eliminates moisture traps to help ensure the window’s long life.

  • Fully weather-sealed
  • Cill size options
  • Trickle ventilator option
  • Stainless steel friction hinges
  • Timber treated for durability
  • Locking handles for security with night vents
  • Choice of locking handles in: Chrome, ‘Olde’ gold and black
  • Black monkey tail handles available upon request
  • Ready treated for stain, or fully factory finished
  • Dry or sealed glazing systems
  • Windows fully externally beaded
  • Mitred Joints
  • To suit 26mm double-glazing
  • Espagnolette locking available upon request

Factory finishing

With our full factory finish option, frames are stained or coated with a spray applied, 3 layer paint system under a controlled factory conditions, helping to extend maintenance intervals to 5-7 years under typical conditions.

Flush Casements

The wooden casements are constructed so that the openers close into the frame and finish flush with the face of the window.

‘False Casement/Dummy Sash’

This is a casement or sash which is fixed (does not open) and makes the window balanced with the same size double-glazed units.

Sash Windows

Made in Softwood or Hardwood, constructed using spiral balances or weights. Spiral balances allow the sashes to glide smoothly up and down with the slightest of pressure and a concealed counter-balancing mechanism holds them firmly in any open position. Using the modern style spiral balances the box sash windows are fitted in between the brickwork or the traditional box sash again with spiral balance or weights fitted behind the reveal.

Specialised Joinery

We are specialists in replacing windows in Listed buildings or Conservation areas, where the Local Planning Authorities stipulate what size sections of timber to use or ask us to replace the windows like for like. In this case fully specialised joinery would be used.

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