Choosing new windows for either replacement of existing old ones or a new project needs careful consideration. Performance, aesthetics, ease of maintenance and security are all important factors as well as cost, safety, material, availability and the impact on our surrounding environment.

The appearance of your home is important and when considering new windows you need to make sure that they will look just right and compliment your home.

Thanks to our wide choice of styles in timber and PVC-u, you‘ll achieve exactly the look you are seeking.


French Windows are excitingly different and certainly contemporary, yet with classical good looks.

Both sides open fully leaving a clear, unobstructed opening. This gives an easy escape route should there ever be an emergency.

The French window provides an attractive, highly functional and reliable solution to a British problem where a fully opening window is needed to meet fire and Building Regulations or for access with furniture. Alternatively, home-owners might simply prefer the capability of operating both sashes leaving a totally uninterrupted open area.

Fairmitre French Windows operate in a similar way to French Doors. One sash is the Master, which can be opened and closed at will. The second is the Slave sash together with the floating mullion, that can only be opened when the Master is open. A shoot bolt provides security to the slave with an Espagnolette to the Master.


Old or new, urban or rural… Whatever the age and location of your property, you can’t go wrong with a Tilt n Turn casement window. Tailor-made to suit your home, manufactured to virtually any height or width you require. As standard our casement windows are supplied ‘B’ Energy Rated.

Custom built for a perfect fit, they are double glazed and fully sealed to make your home wonderfully warm and draught free for years to come. Advanced glass technology and our superior insulation also ensure that your new casement windows offer reduced noise and increased energy efficiency, as well as optimal warmth.


Double glazed authentic runThru sashHorns are ideal for window installations where a nostalgic touch is required.

These top hung windows with horns, create an attractive alternative to the traditional vertical sliding window. Instead of being screwed on as an addition to the sash, the RunThru horn is made by milling the profile into shape. The exposed end is capped with a matching colour cap.

RunThru Horn over Tilt & Turn standard

The Upper Sash

The top hung casement provides a convenient and ready source of ventilation. It can also be locked in a night ventilation position.

The Lower Sash

The lower sash is a Tilt and Turn window. The top of the sash can be tilted slightly inwards for ventilation but it can also be turned 90° inwards for cleaning and, dependent upon size and position, be used for emergency escape.

The full Tilt and Turn with Dummy RunThru horn top sash

This window was designed specifically for the householder who wanted top over fixed with RunThru horns, but actually had to have a ‘fire escape’ window. To match the top over fixed windows a tilt and turn sash is fitted with a dummy sash with horns. The result is a window that has ventilation under normal circumstances and the escape facility if the worst should happen.


Available in white both sides, Woodgrain foil both sides or Woodgrain foil on the outside. Woodgrain foils are Mahogany, Golden Oak or Rosewood. Cream is available as a further option.

Heritage Vertical Sliders capture the authentic appearance and familiar function of the traditional timber vertical sliding window but with a whole host of modern features. High performance, security, ease of use and cleaning plus energy efficiency. All vertical sash windows are achieving energy rating C as standard.

Authentic detailing to the sash horns, deep bottom rail, slim interlock and traditional chamfer on the sashes. In the traditional property, it is almost indistinguishable from a timber alternative yet it offers all the inherent advantages of modern materials.

Benefit from the many optional features the Fairmitre Vertical Slider has to offer

A. Decorative Sash Horns
B. Astragal Bars
C. Tilt Restrictors
D. Trickle Vent
E. Limit Stop
F. Gold Hardware Upgrade
G. Chrome Hardware Upgrade

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